Primary Care

Are You in search of a doctor in Dupage County?

If you find yourself scrambling to find a yellow or white pages, or fumbling around to turn your computer on to find a hospital or other urgent care facility, you are like most people. In the past, it was fairly easy – you just called 911, the ambulance picked you up and you went to the nearest hospital. But nowadays, with healthcare costs spiraling out of control with no end in sight, consumers are choosing to cut some costs themselves. One way people are saving money in today’s tough economy is to drive themselves to walk-in clinics, especially when their injuries are not life-threatening.

Dupage Primary Care is one example of these new clinics on today’s healthcare smorgasbord. Dupage Primary Care offers residents of Dupage County , Illinois walk-in medical care, available during the time when most doctor’s offices do not offer services to sick customers and patients. These walk-in clinics are also much more effectual in treating smaller-scale injuries and conditions that do not require emergency care on the level of a hospital emergency room. It makes little sense to visit the emergency room if you have the flu, yet thousands of people do it every year. While it makes sense to seek out emergency medical attention if you are losing water quickly or have other such serious problems (coughing up blood, etc.), most people do not need to go to the emergency room when they are sick. This is not only unpleasant for those that have to sit for long hours in cramped emergency rooms, but it makes healthcare costs go up.

All one has to do is look at the difference between average cost of visiting an emergency room versus the cost of visiting an urgent care center that operates on a walk-in basis. The average cost of a non-emergency visit at a walk-in clinic is somewhere in the neighborhood of $140, while an emergency visit can bill in the neighborhood of $500. It is no question that people are choosing neighborhood clinics in increasing numbers every year.

When you are sick or caring for a sick loved one, you should consider looking into seeing if a walk-in clinic can help you deal with your condition instead of going to an emergency room. You will help keep ER costs down for those who truly need it, while saving a few hundred dollars yourself. Also, you won’t have to sit for hours and hours while waiting to be seen when it would be much easier to visit a walk-in clinic.